Noun. 髑 どく 髏 ろ • (dokuro) a weathered clean skull.

Welcome to Art with Friends.

Artistic identity is central to the collision of design, art and technology. Owning a Dokuro act’s as an extension of the artist’s identity. (1).gif


Each Limited Edition Gen #1 'Dokuro' minted on launch day will be a unique 1-of-1 procedurally generated meta-companion with individual tattoos designed by handpicked artists from around the world. The Dokuro is individually designed with distinct accessories inspired by our community.


Each procedurally generated meta-companion will be made up of "s6ix”possible tattoo locations in addition to it’s distinct accessories. Accessories are original, and all have a variety of differentiating rare traits. 


January 21 / Your journey into the intersection of Tattoo Art and the metaverse begins here. Join the whitelist for early access. note - unique opportunity * out of 4444 NFT’s there will be 16 special edition Dokuro’s produced that include s6ix unique tattoos from one of each artist.

Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 7.15_edited.jpg

Metaverse Tattoo Museum

First ever tattoo museum in the metaverse

Proceeds from the sale of the Dokuro will go to completing the first tattoo gallery in the metaverse.

This building will be used for artists to share their work from around the world hold seminars and much more.


Meet The Artists

In collaboration with Art Tattoo Montreal we have selected a few artists for first Dokuro Edition

Antony Flemming

Owner of Six and Grace Tattoo, Specializing in neo traditional style featuring colorful animals and beautiful portraits.

Calgary, Canada


Original tattooer takes subject often used for Japanese tattoos and combines them with frogs for fun new designs.

Busan, South Korea

Beppe Shiro

Japanese designs and traditional images packed with classic colors.

Putignano, Italy

Chad Koeplinger

Owner of Adventure Tattoo in Nashville. Maker of arts of all types. American Traditional with a knack for mash-ups and mix of all kind. Avid traveller and foodie.

Tennessee, USA

Christian Awad

Owner of Waxwing Tattoo Company, Christian strives to create bold original work inspired by Japanese and American Traditional tattoos.

Ontario, Quebec

Elvia Guadian

I was born in the town of Guadalajara, Mexico. Being raised in Mexico has really made me proud of my roots and traditions and has influenced my art as well.

Jalisco, Mexico

Henning Jorgensen

For over 30 years, Henning have left a mark both in his native Denmark and abroad. Specialized in Japanese and traditional tattoos.

Helsingor, Danemark


Tebori– tradition at its best.I enjoy doing tattoos In black and grey.


Matt Curzon

A powerful aesthetic mix of bold colors and originality are found in his neotraditional design.

Calgary, Canada

Matt Lambdin

Father, husband, from Midwest living in Philadelphia. On an adventure, tattooing along the way.

Philadelphia, USA

Onnie Oleary

Inspired by the erotic comic book styles of European artists in the ‘70s and ‘80s Onnie creates unique tattoos with eye-catching colors and bold imagery. 

Sydney, Australia

Paul Dobleman

His work is American traditional in the most classical form. Timeless designs with neat lines and bold imagery.

San Fransisco, USA

Pierre Chapelan

Tattooing for the past 30 years, Pierre likes Japanese imagery

and skulls of all sorts. 

His love for the tattoo community as made him a shop owner, convention organiser and many more.

Montreal, Canada


I draw sultry pin-up girls inspired by oriental culture mainly from Korea.


Sam Read

Samantha’s brings a vintage aspect to neo traditional designs with delicate lines and subtle colors.

Calgary, Canada

Stu Pagdin

Owner of Meiji Tattoo located in Adelaide, Specialises in large scale Japanese inspired art.

Adelaide, Australia

How To Buy

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Set up Phantom Wallet

Download "Phantom Wallet" as a Chrome Extention. This will be your main wallet to store your unique NFT once it has been minted.

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Receive NFT

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